Azerbaijan Republic



     Azerbaijan is situated on the Southern Caucasus, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan people having ancient history and culture were generated in close contact to civilizations of the ancient East. During its historical development such religions as Zoroastrianism, Christianity and at last Islamism have been widespread here. Ancestors of the Azerbaijanis who lived on the Southern Caucasus and on Zagros plain of present-day Iran (Northern Iran) from the ancient times played decisive role in the formation of such states as ancient Manna, Midiya, Atropatena and Caucasus Albania on this region.Beginning from the Middle Ages, under the influence of neighboring Byzantine Empire one part of the Azerbaijanis’ ancestors who lived on the Southern Caucasus adopted Christianity. Azerbaijani tribes settled down on the Southern coast of the Araz River remained under the influence of Zoroastrianism. Beginning from the YIII century the tribes lived on this region adopted Islamism being under the influence of Arabian Caliphate. In the Middle Ages, Azerbaijan being on the Great Silk Way was a bridge between the East and the West.In the Middle Ages, a number of strong feudal states were formed, and the culture, science and craftsmanship developed in the regions where the Azerbaijanis lived. Azerbaijan culture, poetry and science gave many outstanding people and works of art to the world culture. Today many unique specimens of Azerbaijan mastership are displayed in European and American museums. In the XYIII century, as a result of Russian-Iranian war, the territories where the Azerbaijanis lived were divided into two parts and included to Russian Empire and Iran. Consequently, Azerbaijan people have also been divided into two.In 1918, as a result of collapsing of Russian Empire, the Azerbaijanis lived in the North got independence and founded the first democratic state in the East. Nevertheless, in 1920, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was occupied by Soviet army. At last, in 1991, the Azerbaijanis living on Caucasus got independence as a result of collapsing of the Soviet Union.In many regions of Azerbaijan, agriculture – gardening, farming and cattle-rearing – was one of the most important fields. Industry in Azerbaijan, mainly in Baku and other big towns, developed in the IX century, after the founding of oil industry.  In the middle of the XX century, for the first time in the world in Azerbaijan oil began to be produced out of the Caspian Sea. Leading establishments of Azerbaijan industry became specialized in the oil-chemical sphere. Azerbaijan has turned to industrially developed country. Living peacefully with neighboring countries and treating with respect for other countries’ borders, in 1988 Azerbaijan has been occupied by neighboring Armenia which desired to get new territories. 20% territory of Azerbaijan was occupied and is under occupation till today. One million refugees in the country live under miserable conditions. In spite of being at war with aggressor Armenia, Azerbaijan follows independent policy as a modern, democratic and civilized government, and treats with respect for the democratic values. It connects the well-being and prosperity of its people with the establishment of the European values. Participating in many international and economic projects Azerbaijan turned to one of the strongest countries of the region. Being known as an international country for centuries Azerbaijan develops day by day. There are many achievements got in the fields of education, culture, science, tourism and sport in Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan Republic is always ready to be on amicable terms and to co-operate with all friendly countries.