Bayram Hajizadeh

Bayram Hajizadeh

PH Doctor on Art Criticism, Professor, Honoured Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic

1968  -  Date of Birth Baku City, Azerbaijan - Place of Birth

1985 -  Cartoonist in the Satirical Magazine “Kirpi” (“Hedgehog”) and 

            Periodic   Press.

1987  -  Graduation with honor from A.Azimzadeh State Art School.

1994  -  Graduation from Artistic-Graphic Faculty of Azerbaijan State

            University of  Culture and Art.

2000  -  The Member of Azerbaijan Journalists' Union (AJU).

2004  -  The Senior Consultant in the Satirical Magazine “Kirpi”


2005  -  The Founder and Director of the Press House “We and Media”.

2005  -  The Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine “We and the Cartoon”.

2005  -  Deserved “Zardabi” Reward of AJU for productive and   

            beneficial activity.

2005 -  Deserved the Media Reward “Vatan” (“Motherland”) for

            productive activity in Press and patriotic soul in his works.

2005 -  The Member of Azerbaijan Artists’ Union (AAU), The Head of

           the Cartoon Section of AAU.

2005  -  The active participant in international cartoon contests and

            festivals. Deserved golden, silver and bronze medals, special

            prizes and honorary diplomas in international cartoon contests

            held in the Republic and abroad (Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Cyprus,

            Ethiopia, India, Iran, Israel, Korea, Nepal, Poland, Romania,

            Serbia, Syria, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, USA). More than one

            hundred of his works were included into the books and albums of

            the best cartoons selected in the international cartoon contests.

2006  -  The President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union.

2006 -  The  Representative  of  Azerbaijan  in  Federation  of

            Cartoonists’  Organization.  The  Member  of  the  Editorial  

            Board  of the  Magazine “FECONEWS” – the  Organ  of  

            International Organization.

2006  -  The Member and Chairman of Jury in international cartoon

            contests held in various countries of the world (Azerbaijan,

            China, India, Iran, Israel, Russia, Syria, Greece, Turkey and


2007 -  Honored with the name of “Honoured Art Worker of the

           Azerbaijan Republic” according to the Decree of the President of

            Azerbaijan Republic.   

2008  - The Dissertation Defence on the theme “The Development of

           the Cartoon  in Azerbaijan”, PH Doctor Degree on Art Criticism.

2008 - The Lecturer on the subject “The Cartoon History” in Azerbaijan

           State University of Culture and Art.

2008  - The Personal exhibition “Successors of Azim Azimzadeh»


2008  -  The Organizer of the International Cartoon Contest “Molla

            Nasraddin”.  The Author of the Project “Molla Nasraddin –   


2008 - The Member of the International Cartoonists' Club

         “CARTUNION”  (USA).

2009 - The Member of the Editorial Board of the International “World

           Cartoon  Encyclopedia” (Spain).

2009  -  The Honourable Member of Tabriz Cartoon Association (Iran).  

2009  -  The Member of the Presidium of Azerbaijan Artists' Union.

2009 -  The Individual Exhibitions arranged in Ardabil (Iran) and

            Askisheher (Turkey).

2010  - The Director of “Azerbaijan Cartoon Center”.

2012  -  Personal Exhibition named “Hophopname” organized in relation

            with M.A. Sabir’s 150th anniversary (Azerbaijan).

2012  -  The lecturer on subject “History of Cartoon” at “History and

           Theory of Fine Arts” Department of Azerbaijan State Academy

           of Art.

2013 -  He has been working on his doctoral dissertation “Features of

           Unity in Content and Form in Azerbaijan and World Satiric 


2014  - The Head of  “Fine Art History and Theory” Department at

           Azerbaijan State  University of Culture and Arts.

2016  - With the decision of The Supreme Attestation Commission

           honored with the academic title of professor. The Author of 19

           monographs, about 70 Scientific and Journalistic Articles.

2016  - The individual exhibitions arranged in Kiev (Ukraine) “Satiric

           graphics”, Minsk (Belarus) “Without words”, Ekaterinburg

          (Russia) “Word Cartoon Masters”.

2016  - Honored with the Honorary Diploma of Ministry of Culture of

           Belarus and State Literary and Memorial museum of  Y.Kolas for

           his services in strengthening of cultural connections between

           nations and development of genre of cartoon.

2017 - The individual exhibitions arranged in Istanbul (Turkey) “From

           Azerbaijan with  love”, Haifa (Israel) “Tolerance”, Poltava

           (Ukraine) “Humour festival”, Tabriz (Iran) “Modern Azerbaijan

           Cartoon”, Barcelona (Spain) “Cartoon”, Lesnoy (Russia)

          “Graphics with Irony”.

2017  - Selected as the Honorable Member of Turkish Cartoonists’