Bayram Hajizadeh


Bayram Hajizadeh

1968 - Date of Birth, Place of Birth - Baku City.  

1987 - Leaving State Art School named after A.Azimzadeh.

1994 - Graduation from Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art.

1985 - The Cartoon Artist in the Satirical Journal -Kirpi- (Hedgehog) and Periodic Press.

2000 - The Member of the Azerbaijan Journalists Union (AJU),

            Deserved -Zardabi- Reward of AJU for productive and beneficial   activity.

2005 - The Member of Azerbaijan Artists Union (AAU),

            The Chairman of the Cartoon Section of AAU

2005 - The Founder and Director of the Press House -We and Media-.

2005 - The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal - We and the Cartoon-.

2005 - Deserved the Media Reward -Vatan- (Motherland) for productive activity in Press and

           Patriotic Soul in his Works.

2005 - The Active Participant in International Cartoon Contests and Festivals.

   - Deserved golden, silver and bronze medals, special prizes and honorary diplomas in

     international cartoon contests held in the Republic and abroad (Azerbaijan, China, Korea,

     Cuba, Syria, Poland, USA, Cyprus, Serbia, Nepal, Turkey, Israel, Romania, Ethiopia,

     Bulgaria, Iran, and India).

  More than one hundred works were selected in the International Cartoon Contests and

  included into the books and albums of the best cartoons.

2006 - The Chairman of the Union of Azerbaijan Cartoon Artists.

2006 - The Representative of Azerbaijan in Federation of International Cartoonists Organizations.

            The member of the Editorial Board of the Journal -FICONEWS- of the Organ of this

            International Organization.

   - The Member and Chairman of the Jury in International Cartoon Contests Held in Various     

     Countries of the World (China, Israel, Syria, Iran, India, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan).

    - The Member of the Editorial Board of the Satirical Journals Published in Different Countries.

2007 - According to the Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic there were given a

           Deserved Honourable Name -Honoured Art Worker-.

2008 - The Dissertation Defence on the theme -The Development of the Cartoon in

            Azerbaijan-,The Scientific Degree of Doctor of Fine Arts.

2008 - The Lecturer of the Subject -The Cartoon History- in Azerbaijan State University of

           Culture and Art, the Associate Professor of the Chair of Fine Arts.

   - The Author of 9 monographs, about 50 Scientific and Journalistic Articles, Learning Aids

     and Programs in the Field of the Cartoon.

2008 - The Organizer of the International Cartoon Contest -Molla Nasraddin-,

            The Author of the Project -Molla Nasraddin - Azerbaijan-.

2008 - The Member of the International Cartoonists Club -Cartoonion- (USA).

2009 - The Member of the Editorial Board of the International -World Cartoon Encyclopedia-


2009 - The Honourable member of Tabriz Cartoon Association (Iran).   

2009 - The Member of the Presidium of Azerbaijan Artists Union.

2010 - The Director of -Azerbaijan Cartoon Center-.

           The Individual Exhibitions were arranged in Azerbaijan (2008), Iran (2009) and Turkey (2009).