Bayram Hajizadeh

2005 -   International Cartoon Contest “Molla Nasreddin - 100”.

              I Place. Azerbaijan.      


2005 -   International Cartoon Contest “Leng Mu”.

              Gold Prize. China.  


2006 -   International Cartoon Contest “DICACO”. 

             “Best cartoon” - Special Prize. Korea.  


2007 -   XV Bienal International de Humorismo Grafico.                      

             I Place in the general humor section. Cuba.


2007 -   XV Bienal International de Humorismo.

              Satira Politica Special Prize. Cuba.  


2007 -   III International Cartoon Contest.                                                               

             Special Prize. Syria.  


2007 -   IV International Cartoon Contest “Kozuchow”.                                             

             “Tower Kozuchow” - special prize. Poland.


2007 -   International Cartoon  Contest “Homer Davenport”.                                    

             Public’s Choice award. USA.          


2007 -   International Cartoon Contest “DICACO”.                                                    

              “Best cartoon” - Special Prize. Korea.


2007 -   I International Cartoon Contest “NAJI Al ALI”.              

             “Success” - Award. Syria.


2007 -   I International Cartoon Contest “Zeytin”.

             Special Prize of the Municipality of Girne. Northern Cyprus.


2007 -   II International Contest of Caricature and Short Comic Strip “Zikison”.             

             III Place. Serbia.


2007 -   VI International Cartoon Festival “Freecartoon”.

             Selected Prize. China.


2007 -   International Cartoon Contest “Leng Mu”.

             Honorable Mentions Prize. China. 


2008 -   Culture and Art Festival “Yilmaz Guney”.

             Special Prize of jury. Turkey.


2008 -   IV International Cartoon Contest.

              Special Prize. Syria.


2008 -   XIV International Cartoon Exhibition “Haifa”.

             Honorable mention. Israel.


2008 -   I International Festival of Caricature “Pulya”.

             Special prize. Northern Cyprus.


2008 -   Cartoon Competition “Himal Southasian”.

             Honorable mention. Nepal.


2008 -   The World Festival Of  Humor “Calarasi”.

              Special Prize. Romania.  


2008 -   International Cartoon Contest “Leng Mu”.

             Bronze medal. China.  


2008 -   IV International Cartoon Exhibition “Jiaxing”.

             “Excellent work” – special prize. China.


2009 -   Addis Ababa I International Cartoon Competition.

             Diplomas Of Honor. Ethiopia.


2009 -  International competition on drawing for women “Jaka bede”.

            Bronze medal. Poland.


2009 -  International Cartoon Festival “Homer Davenport”.

            I Place in the general humor section. USA.    


2009 -  International Cartoon Festival “Homer Davenport”.

            II place in the nomination of a political cartoon. USA.


2009 -  I International Cartoon Contest “Kavarna”.

             Honorable mention. Bulgaria.


2010 -  IX Tabriz International Cartoon Contest.

            Special Prize of Tabriz Cartoon Association. Iran.


2010 -   II P.C. RATH  Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest.

             Special Prize. India.  


2011 -  I International Biennale of Resistance Cartoon Contest.

            Selected Prize. Iran.


2014 -  IX International Cartoon Contest.

            Golden Prize. Syria.


2014 -   International Cartoon Exhibition Hymettus.

              Selected Prize. Greece.


2014 -   IV International competition of a cartoons   and caricatures “The Devil gas    

              station”. Diplomas of competition. Ukraine.