Bayram Hajizadeh
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The Development of Cartoon Genre in Azerbaijan

Author:  Bayram Hajizadeh  

Baku 2008. 500 copies. 320 pages.

In this book, the first traces of cartooning in Azerbaijan miniatures in the XVI century were studied. Also the forma-tion of cartoon genre in Azer-baijan at the end of the XIX and at the beginning of the XX cc and its later develop-ment were followed in the book. The publication period of “Molla Nasreddin” ma-gazine from 1906 till 1931, and also information about other satirical magazines pub-lished in Azerbaijan and in neighboring countries under the influence of “Molla Nasreddin” magazine was given in this book. There is a chance to get acquainted with works of the cartoonists who worked appro-ximately in 30 satirical magazines and perio-dicals published in this period in Azerbaijan. Most of these satirical drawings and car-toons were firstly published in this book