Bayram Hajizadeh
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Oil and cartoon”

Author:  Bayram Hajizadeh     

Baku 2009. 1000 copies.    288 pages.

 This book dedicated to the 15th anniversary of signing “The Century’s Contract” in Baku deals with the oil history of Azerbaijan known as an oil country, the development of an oil industry in our country and the role and importance of the oil in Azerbaijan in-dustry. The readers for the first time have got an oppor-tunity completley to get ac-quainted with the cartoon samples dedicated to our A-zerbaijani artists’ “oil” theme during last century (Tsar Russia, soviet and indepen-dence periods). At the same time the cartoons drawn on oil theme by hundreds of artists from 68 countries have been reflected in the book. The role of the oil in the world economics, the pollution of the ecology by oil and other problems are emphasized in artists’s works